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For as little as £99 extra, you can add a motor to small roller blind that you can't reach, making it safer to use, or you can arrange a full new build with automated blinds that will open and close on timers, using a sophisticated Chronis controller, at a lot less than you'd think, call us today to discuss your new project.

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one touch

for blinds that are difficult to access, theres a simple solution.

A single touch of a button closes virtually any blind. 

modern battery operated blinds last up to 1 year without a recharge or battery replacement

Electric Blinds Hexham

new build

If you're planning a new build property, get us involved at the beginning, we can advise you on what type and where to plan for electric points.



Electric Blinds Hexham


If you are starting a project, we can give you great advice, we'll even build you an automated blind to see if thats what you need FOC, we have 10 years of delivering quality automation.

Electric Blinds Hexham

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Electric Blinds Hexham

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Electric Blinds Hexham

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Electric Blinds Hexham

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